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The Katherine Collection Story

The Katherine Collection is about understanding the connection we have to our hair. As someone who has experienced some thinning over the years, I am aware of the emotional attachment we have to our hair, particularly when faced with losing it! We may try to downplay its role but the impact is very real.

Fate. As it would turn out during a vacation to Palm Springs, family and I happened upon a wig retailer that lead to an afternoon of enlightenment along with a little fun. The quality and texture of product was amazingly soft and natural, but beyond that was a rather profound boost to accompany the transformation. To say I was intrigued would be an understatement – I was inspired! While we were thoroughly enjoying ourselves in the process of trying different styles and shades, I happened to look around and noticed others were as well. What I later learned is that the wig industry in the U.S. is booming, and now I understand why. The emotional connection I experienced that day never left, in fact – it became the inspiration for establishing The Katherine Collection and why I want to share it with others.

Anyone can experience hair loss. As a nurse, I am a firm believer in supporting every aspects of our being, body, mind, and spirit. It is well understood how chemo therapy can effect an individual on multiple levels and maintaining psychological well-being throughout this journey is key. Alternative hair can play a supporting role at a time when it is needed most. The results are immediate – practical – and reassuring. The Canadian charitable organization “Look Good, Feel Better” is dedicated to this philosophy for sound reason.


Alopecia Areata is another hair loss challenge that is faced by many. This fairly common autoimmune disorder presents as unpredictable loss to the scalp and/or entire body that can develop at any age and effects males and females equally. Adding to the list of causes are genetics, hormonal imbalance, anemia, stress, and age; along with Diabetes, Lupus, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and Graves Disease.

Industry Progress. Through advancements in synthetic fibres and intricate cap construction by wig artisans, wigs today are incredibly natural in appearance and can be virtually undetectable. Mainstream population has been embracing hair alternatives and enhancements since the 1990’s, explaining why wig-wardrobes have become so popular. This technique for changing styles and colours effortlessly appeals to many and is a contemporary approach to maintaining the health and integrity to biological hair. Fewer visits to the salon are easy on the pocket-book and help counter the investment associated with purchasing a wig.

New beginning. Now, as a Wig Consultant located on beautiful Vancouver Island, I have found my niche in providing an uplifting form of service that supports the healing process along with each individuals vision and objective. Whatever the need or want may be, achieving the hair you’ve always wanted is doable. I welcome you to sit back, relax and browse all the latest the wig revolution has to offer!

Welcome, enjoy – reach-out!



Wigs are more than style.

As a Vancouver Island business owner and a local nurse, I am compassionate about the supportive role wigs can play and one I am thrilled to be part of! The Katherine Collection was established to provide solutions for all stages of hair loss through a comprehensive selection of designer wigs and toppers in advanced synthetic fibres to the finest in 100% Remy human hair. Whether for women or men – from children to seniors – The Katherine Collection has you covered!

My mission is to support all demographics with respect and integrity, and to inspire hope and confidence that goes hand-in-hand with how you feel in your new hair. Everyone deserves to have and enjoy gorgeous hair, every day!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your shopping experience knowing you can expect Canadian Price Match Guarantee, a secure e-Shop, loyalty discounts, and low flat-rate shipping. Need help? Consultations are free! Call Toll-Free 1-888-588-4TKC (4852).

Endless Possibilities!

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“Thank you for finding the exact colour and style to suite my face shape and the look I was seeking, which was a lot younger! I would also like to thank you for your time fitting me. I feel these wigs make life feel fun and young again.”

the wig industry

Why the resurgence?

For anyone who follows market trends and tipping-points, below are a few drivers influencing the surge in the wig industry of today.

One key factor is due to a global population that embraces personal improvements on many levels and that includes hair fashion. Consumers are discerning, the demand is high, and competition is steep. Whether it be for a medical challenge, expression of style, change or convenience – wigs are making a comeback.

In terms of demographics, wigs are no longer a seniors-only commodity. Millennials and Gen Z have been utilizing some form of hair enhancement since the 1990’s. Extensions for example, continue to be a mainstream accessory along with wigs in colour trends such as pastels, metallics, greys, and platinum. Owning a wig-wardrobe is much more common than one might imagine. As for Boomers, they remain as working professionals or active retirees and maintaining the health and integrity of biological hair is a main consideration along with the easy transformation and time saving convenience a wig provides. Regrettably, medical challenges and their treatments effecting children has contributed to the demand for age appropriate options and accessibility. Lastly, the senior population is witnessing an increasing lifespan and continue to appreciate the economic value from fewer visits to the salon in addition to the easy and flattering refresh. And while we all may recognize that hair is not everything, being without it can be an extremely difficult adjustment at any age, for females as well as males.

Wig designers and artisans are well aware of the wig revolution. Contemporary styling, trending colour schemes, natural appearance and comfort are key essentials to creating a great wig. A quality product today can be virtually undetectable. However, as with any market advancement comes sub-standard imitations that consumers need to be aware of. My recommendation is to do your research and get to know your Wig Consultant. A high-end wig is an investment initially, yet with proper care and attention and depending upon the amount of wear can last up to a year and beyond.

In conclusion, what fundamentally brought us to this point and continues to fuel its growth is the introduction of Kanekalon Fibre. This innovated synthetic fibre that originated in Japan is so soft and natural in feel and movement that some human hair wig consumers are converting. Kanekalon Fibre has definitely added to the Boom, particularly in the U.S., Europe, Australia, and the Asia Pacific Region – with Canada joining in the movement and gaining in momentum!