Wig Maintenance

maintaining the integrity of your investment

Buying a wig is exciting!

Owning a wig means needing to know proper wig maintenance. Whether this is your first purchase, second, or you’re a dedicated enthusiast, having gorgeous-ready hair at your fingertips is a luxury no one can deny! Keeping it soft and luxurious is easy but does require a little TLC. Follow these few simple steps to maintain style, colour, and the overall integrity of your investment.

Detangle Before Washing

Wigs need to be treated gently and the brush used for your natural hair can cause shedding. Instead, use your wide-tooth comb, starting from the ends to the top without tugging. TIP: NEVER brush your wig when it is wet. This can lead to stretching or damage to the fibres and cap.
For detangling and conditioning, we provide Jon Renau HD Smooth Detangler for daily use to eliminate tangles, frizz, and to prolong and enhance healthy lustre.


Start by rinsing with cool water from roots to the ends. Add a small amount of WIG SPECIFIC shampoo into your hands and distribute evenly throughout the hair. Do not rub as this can lead to tangling. For the wig cap use light circular motions, remembering to include the edges to remove possible make-up residue.
How often to shampoo wearable hair is a common question and will ultimately become your personal preference, yet there are a few important factors to consider. Frequent washing can actually decrease the lifespan of your investment. Opinions are vast and varied on the actual number but typically once every two weeks if wearing daily, however, a lot depends on lifestyle, seasonal weather, use of styling products, type of wig material, exposure to BBQ smoke etc. As you and your wig become best buds, you will soon be able to gauge what works best for you.

TIP: HYDRATING on the other hand is RECOMMENDED DAILY in order to provide the needed substitution of oils that our bio-hair receives naturally.


Using COOL running water, rinse well, from roots to ends to avoid tangling. Do not wring or twist.


For WIG SPECIFIC cream conditioner, add a small amount to hands and distribute to mid-shaft and ends only. TIP: DO NOT apply conditioner to the roots and cap as this can loosen the hand-tied knots and result in loss of fibres. RINSE AGAIN.

If using WIG SPECIFIC spray leave-In conditioner, spray from mid-shaft to ends, avoiding roots and hand-tied knots.


TIP: Leave-in conditioner is highly recommended on a daily basis to maintain natural movement and appearance.


No blow-drying for synthetic fibres. Simply shake out excess water or lightly pat between a towel. Hang upside down – right side out – away from heat and allow to air dry. Your wig will be ready to wear within 7-8 hours. For Heat-Defiant wigs air dry for best results, or gently blow dry on low-medium 130 degrees C or 270 degrees F using a wide-tooth comb to avoid frizzing/tangling. TIP: Placing a wet wig on a mannequin can cause the cap to stretch. A plastic or wire wig stand can be used, however TKC recommends the method of hanging upside down, right side out for preserving shape, style, and to restore fullness.


No heated styling tools on synthetic fibres unless it is Heat Defiant/Heat Friendly. It really doesn’t get any easier than this – a simple shake for a tousled look or a light brushing for a smooth look and watch your wig restore beautifully! Finger styling is often all that is required to achieve a great look.
For sculpting, texture and volume, use Jon Renau Piece Out Contour Fibre Crème, for both synthetic and human hair wigs.

For hold, we provide various Jon Renau mists that are paraben and sulphate free that brush out easily, leaving no residue. We also carry other wig specific Brands as well.

Flat Iron: Heat to 130 degrees C or 270 degrees F. Spray with Jon Renau Heat Treat Thermal Spray to protect the fibre (1-2 pumps only per section to avoid over saturation); stay at least 1-2” away from base and slowly smooth flat iron down through ends. Allow hair to hang naturally and cool completely.

TIP: Use Jon Renau Smooth Detangling Spray DAILY, especially for mid-length and long-length wigs or hairpieces.


Curl: Heat to 130 degrees C or 270 degrees F. Treat as above to protect fibre, then gather hair into curling iron, smooth through to ends, then roll iron up towards base maintaining a distance of 1-2 inches. Hold 10-15 seconds then turn tip of iron toward the ground and release curl into the palm of your hand. Holding curl in hand, gather up toward base and secure with small metal clip (like a pin curl). Allow curls to cool completely (about 5 minutes) before removing the clip. Blend with your wide tooth comb or just fingers for great results!



These beautiful wigs are made of premium Kanekalon synthetic fibres that do not tolerate direct heat. Please be cautiously aware when near ovens, BBQ’s, etc., as even a short burst of intense heat can cause irreparable damage to these fibres.

Unless you have been advised otherwise, store your wig folded in half, temple to temple, inside out, within tissue paper, inside its box.

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