How to Choose a Wig Style

choosing the right style to suit your face
for wig styles

Face shape is often a factor.

While face shape does not dictate which style of wig you should choose, it is a factor worth considering. Once your eye is trained it can save you time and possible disappointment, not to mention help you zero-in on a flattering style you may not have otherwise considered. Many of us are shape combinations. If you’d like help determining what style would best suit your face, contact us, we’d be happy to help!

Oval and Oblong

Oval is the most versatile face shape that suits many styles. You may want to consider:

  • Center or side part with length touching shoulders
  • Bangs and side sweep to shorten or widen the face
  • Waves, curls, layers and textures for fullness/width


Suited for many styles and lengths. To slim roundness to cheek area, consider:

  • Longer style close to the face to give length
  • Height at the crown and bare forehead to lengthen/slim the face
  • Centre part gives appearance of a longer face
  • Side-sweep draws eyes across and down to minimize roundness
  • Avoid full straight-falling bangs



To minimize defined areas, consider:

  • Loose waves or shoulder length style turned under
  • Wispy or fringed bangs can work. Avoid straight bangs.
  • Centre parts
  • Long bobs



To balance a narrow chin and minimize wider cheekbones, consider:

  • Shoulder length, flipped-out and wispy styles
  • Side-sweep
  • Medium, straight bangs to shorten face
  • Layers or waves
  • Avoid height

Inverted Triangle or Heart

To add fullness at chin and minimize forehead, consider:

  • Long side-swept bangs
  • Off centre part
  • Loose waves or volume from ears down
  • A long bob


To reduce appearance of a longer face with defined areas, consider;

  • Length with layers for volume
  • Top fullness narrowing at the chin
  • Waves and curls