Ellen Wille


Changes Collection

The Changes Collection by designer Ellen Wille makes a bold statement of enthusiasm for change through the fashion of tomorrow. Discover and define your personal style with this dynamic collection. 

Percucci Collection

Get ready for the next generation of high-quality trend setting wigs by Ellen Wille. The Perucci Collection offers natural monofilament materials and colour combinations of subtle highlights and lowlights to complement any skin tone. 

Hair Power Collection

Hair Power is the largest and most versatile collection by Ellen Wille, offering quality crafted ready-to-wear synthetic wigs with premium features to provide hairstyles for every occasion, situation, style and taste. 

HAIRforMANce Collection

Finding something to inspire confidence has never been easier with this collection by Ellen Wille. Cutting-edge styles inspired by the cities of Europe with monofilament features and lace front for a natural looking hairline and part, and available in a variety of natural colours. With 50 years experience you can expect quality design and an undetectable appearance.