Milano Lace TopGrip Comfort Band


Milano No-Slip Lace TopGrip Comfort Band – To Secure Toppers and Wigs

NEW! The Lace TopGrip (patent-pending) is made exclusively for lace front toppers and wigs. The Milano blend of absorbent fibres make the Lace TopGrip a comfortable choice that also relieves possible tension and protects natural hair. The Lace TopGrip provides a seamless transition at the hairline and part and reduces or eliminates the need for clips, combs, tape or adhesive.

To ensure a secure fit and to prevent slippage, place the TopGrip just behind the hairline and align the lace of your topper or wig with the lace of the TopGrip. One-size fits most, with adjustable strap to secure snugly around head circumference.

Security / Comfort / One-size fits most / Seamless transition


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