Top Full 18″ | Synthetic Hair Topper (Double Mono)


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A synthetic topper worn over the entire crown, offering style and great coverage for the advanced stage of hair loss.



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ABOUT THIS TOPPER: Top Full 18″ by Jon Renau is an elegant full crown topper with a Double Monofilament Base that adds length and volume over the entire crown for the advanced stage of hair loss. The Double Monofilament base is Hand-Tied to create the illusion of natural hair growth and provides the options to part in any direction. In addition, Top Full provides the ultimate in coverage. Top Full clips in easily and discreetly with pressure sensitive clips for a comfortable and secure fit.

Top Full 18″ is also available in a 12 inch length and in Remy Human Hair.


SPECIAL FEATURES: Double Monofilament allows multi-directional styling, looks like natural hair growth, and feels extremely soft next to sensitive scalps | Polyurethane Coated Double Monofilament Strip that goes around the perimeter of the base and contains 6 pressure sensitive clips, or for use with adhesives if needed | 360 Stretch Hand-Tied Section that allows customized stretch from the front to back, and ear to ear.

HAIR TYPE: High quality Jon Renau synthetic that feels and moves like natural hair. Ideal for these shake-and-go styles that look flawlessly natural.

APPLICATION METHOD: 6 Pressure Sensitive Clips to clip into bio hair if not using adhesive.

DIMENSIONS: Base 11.5″ x 11″ | Length 11″-18″


COLOUR SHOWN: 6 Fudgesicle Dark Brown

COLOUR CHART for Jon Renau Synthetic:

ABOUT WIG COLOURS: Each image and colour swatch are designed to give the most accurate visual possible. Some variance may occur with screen display as well as production batch as components of wigs are handmade. However, brand companies do their utmost to ensure consistency throughout the colouring process.

ABOUT THIS COLLECTION: The Jon Renau Toppers Collection instantly transforms your look by adding volume and body for fine, thin hair. Clip-in hair toppers offer today’s women unique solutions at every stage of hair loss. The best alternative to a full wig.

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Weight4.2 oz